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Posted by : K013 septiembre 29, 2014

Muy buenas! aquí os dejamos la entrevista que le hicimos a Yurisans, la entrevista está completa en inglés, si quieres leerla en español la tienes en el número 33 de nuestra revista mensual.

Hi! here you have the interview that we did to Yurisans, the full interview is in English, if you want to read in Spanish CLICK HERE.

  • Nick: N/A Real
  • Name: Drefan
  • Nationality: Singaporean
  • Where do you live? Singapore
  • Webs:
  • Age: 30
  • Height: 180cm
  • Favorite Manga or comics: Shounen, or ridiculously funny stuff, Marvel/DC Favorite Video Games: All types of RPGs and action-adventures
  • Favorite music, bands, groups: Instrumentals. No lyrics so that I can let my imagination run wild.

- When did you start in the world of cosplay and what was your first cosplay? I started in 2005, and my first cosplay was Sarutobi Asuma from Naruto.
 - What does cosplay means to you? It is the ultimate tribute that any fan can give his/her fandom!
- What was your first cosplay experience in the world and where? (Your first convention usually it is the first experience but not always) Singapore, Cosfest 2005
 - Do you think that in the world of cosplay, and being a cosplayer, also has a downside, a bad part? None at all! It is a hobby and should not affect you if you have your priorities and mindset right.
 - We've all seen how amazing your costumes, so I ask you: do you have any favorites? No favorites! They are all precious to me, or I would not have bothered making them. xD
 - One of the most awesome thing in your work as cosplayer is the details and the heart you put in all of them and the use of your own body to do an awesome work. Do you think that work in your body to try to feel or be similar to the character is an important part of this hobby? Or do you think that the body type doesn't matter? Or do you think that is better but not the only one thing to do a good cosplay? I believe each person is cosplaying for their own reasons, and it's not my place to be judgmental. But if I speak for myself, then yes! It's important to me because of the tough and macho nature of my characters. Generic characters and costumes that cover up the body don’t rely on physique much. Anybody can do a good cosplay!
- What is the most difficult part to do in a cosplay for you? Time! Finding time! Not enough time! Hahahaha. Adult life commitments.
 - We have seen the spectacular cosplay you have, and we want to know when you choose a character, what are the rules you usually use? The story behind the character? The design? I MUST love the series! Everything else is secondary. eg. If i like a character, but someone else in the team is more suitable, I will give it to him/her immediately and take the "bigger/uglier" dude instead. Because we are all working together for the LOVE of the series!
 - Did you do cosplay outside your country, and if it is like that, how was the experience? Yes, I have been to Australia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Every country has their own cosplay culture and it's always a funny experience!
 - Where do you usually buy your wigs and contacts? Online. Singapore is very small and doesn’t have much variety.
- Have you ever thought about selling / lend / give away any of your cosplays? Yes I have, and I have tried. But nobody can/wants to wear them. xD They are made to fit a bodybuilder's physique.
- What do you plan to do with all your suits? Many of our readers say they will keep the costumes to the end! Haha because they are so precious for them, what you think? YES, I’ll keep them too! Hahahaha! But sometimes I feel "Ugh... This wasn’t well done. I can make a better one now.", then I throw it away.

 - What does your family think of this world? There are who have supportive family and who don´t. They are conservative and think it is silly. They complain about it now and then, but overall it is still smooth-sailing because I am independent.
 - What do you do? Do you work or study? Work of course! That's where the $$ for cosplay comes from.
 - In our country, we are still discovering that it is very important to have a good photographer with us to show the result of our work. Do you usually think about it and plan to save some money for photoshoots, or do you have friends who do them for you? For you, how much is the importance of the photographer in your cosplay-life? I feel that it is pointless to pay a photographer because that would mean he/she has no passion. The photog could take flawless studio-like shots but the feel/atmosphere might not be there because he/she doesn’t know the series. We should find photographers who are also a big fan of the series; They know what to do. We have fun together while discussing about ways to improve the shoot! Photographers are important, but cosplayers shouldn’t rely on them too much. We should aim to look good whether in a good/bad location, with an amateur/professional photographer, and with/without photoshop.
 - Do you think that it's important for making a good photoshoot do you need to have a good relationship between the photographer and the cosplayer? Hmm nope, I know of many cosplayers who don’t do photoshoots, and only cosplay at events. Oh of course! It is always important to have good interpersonal relationships, even outside of cosplay.
 - In Spain, the cosplay community is growing more and more, and very fast. How is cosplay community in your country? Ahhh we are a very tiny country, so our community is relatively stagnant. Hahaha

- Do you have plans for the future as cosplayer? Any challenges again with a new suit? Not really. I'll just keep doing whatever I like whenever I like!

 - Do you know anything about Spanish cosplayers? If you were invited to a convention in Spain, do you think you'd come to see our country and events? Ooh I tend to find Spanish cosplayers exotically beautiful. Oh but yes, I would love to visit Spain! and definitely do a tour while at it.

- Could you recommend a cosplayer for a future interview? How about Kelton? He was a fellow cosplayer here who excelled in everything, but most notably in his makeup! So much that he's now in the US furthering his studies. -
In closing, I want to ask what kind of advice would you give to a cosplayer who is starting in this fantastic world. Remember that even though cosplay is about having fun, it is still only just that. Don't neglect your life outside of cosplay.


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