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Posted by : K013 septiembre 17, 2014

Muy buenas! aquí os dejamos la entrevista que le hicimos a Yurisans, la entrevista está completa en inglés, si quieres leerla en español la tienes en el número 35 de nuestra revista mensual.

Hi! here you have the interview that we did to Yurisans, the full interview is in English, if you want to read in Spanish CLICK HERE.

Nick: Yuurisans (Yuuri-C and Yuuri-K)
Real Name: Cindy and Karen
Nationality: Hispanic
Where do you live? Maryland, USA
Age: 23
Favorite Manga or comic: Too many to list! Recently though, we like Hirunaka no Ryuusei.
Favorite Video Game: At the moment anything Mario, Nintendoland, and Animal Crossing.
Favorite music, bands or groups: Anything that sounds good to our ears.

- When did you start in the world of cosplay and what was your first cosplay? 

2008 as Misa (Yuuri-K) and Shana (Yuur-C) at Otakon.

- What does the cosplay means to you?

It's lots of fun. We like to create costumes and wear them together at conventions. It's like an adventure!

- What was your first cosplay experience in the world and where?

Otakon 2008.

- Do you think that in the world of cosplay, and being a cosplayer, is there also a downside?

It's neat that you can dress up no matter what age. The only downside is sometimes the community can be harsh, it's best to ignore it and meet those who want to have fun. 

- We've all seen how amazing your costumes are, so I ask you: do you have any favorites? 

All of our costumes from Evangelion, Final Fantasy XIII, but probably Frozen will soon be our most favorite costumes!

- How is being a cosplayer couple?

Having a sister is the best thing!

- What is the most difficult part to see in a cosplay? 

Sometimes it can be stressful such as trying to find cheap materials but only find expensive materials.

- One of the "quirks" that many of us have is to listen to music when we make our cosplays, do you listen to music? If so, what kind of music? Or, instead, you are someone who leaves the TV on? 

We listen to music. For instance, when we worked on our Frozen costumes we listen to the Frozen soundtrack.

- Have you ever been to a cosplay event outside USA? If so, please tell us your experience.

Not yet, but we would like to in the future!

- Where do you usually buy your wigs and contacts? 

Ebay for the wigs and most of the time, pinkyparadise for the eye contacts.

- Have you ever thought about selling / lend / give away any of your cosplays? 

We have sold some of our cosplays, but most of the time our cosplays are too small. We're tiny.

- What do you plan to do with all your suits? Many of our readers say they will keep the costumes to the end, what you think? 

We'll store it somewhere. We'll keep our favorite ones forever.

- What does your family think of this world?

They like what we do, so they approve cosplay.

- What do you do every day? Do you study? 

On our breaks we watch anime and play videogames with our little sister. We have one more semester in university, so we study mostly every day. 

- I think many of us thought it would be great if we could live only cosplay. Is that one of your dreams too? What do you think of being a cosplayer 24 hours a day?

That would be crazy. We get lazy, so cosplaying all the time would be stressful. One of our dreams was to become a face character or costume designer at Disney Parks.

- In our country, we are still discovering how important it is to have a good photographer with us when we finish our cosplay. Do you think that in the budget for a cosplay is important to save some money to pay for the work of a good photographer? For you, how important is to have a photographer on our side? 

Having a good photographer is nice to have. Honestly, we don't like to pay to have a photographer. There are really awesome photographers that work for free. We also take photos of each other or have our friends take our photos.

- It is not the first time we heard that sometimes it is overused photoshop in cosplay photos, and this really is a hoax, as the cosplay is not really as good as it looks in the picture. What do you think about using photoshop and edit the photos? 

We edit our photos but mostly for color change and lighting to make the photo more interesting. Of course, we take away blemishes if there are any that didn't get covered by make-up. Overusing photoshop to the point you can't recognize yourself is a no-no to us.

- Do you think it's important, to make a good photoshoot, to be a good relationship between the photographer and the cosplayer?

It's important to have a good relationship and to feel comfortable with the photographer to get nice photos. Sometimes we have a hard time when we are shy with new photographers.

- In Spain the cosplay hobby is still strange and many people think it is a hobby for kids and immature people because they are "costumes like those of children." Would you like to say something?

It's a crazy hobby, but we like to think that we are lucky we can still dress up and have fun!

- In Spain, the cosplay community is growing more and more, and very fast. How is the cosplay community in USA? 

It's growing!

- Do you have any cosplay plans for the future? Any challenges again with a new suit?

We plan to continue doing more Disney, Fate, and any anime/videogame that interest us. Who knows what interesting challenges are ahead?

- Do you know anything about Spanish cosplayers? If you were invited to a convention in Spain, do you think you'd come to see our country and events? 

There are many international cosplayers we like. We would love to, does it help that we speak Spanish? xD

- Could you recommend us a cosplayer for a future interview?

There are so many cosplayers we would like to mention, but there are twin cosplayers we follow: twinzik. Their works are really inspiring.

- In closing, I want to ask you, what kind of advice would you give to a cosplayer who is starting in this fantastic world?

It doesn't have to be an expensive hobby, find cheap materials, have fun, and be creative. Anything is possible, let your dreams come true~!

I hope you like it!

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