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Posted by : K013 octubre 06, 2014

Muy buenas! aquí os dejamos la entrevista que le hicimos a Yurisans, la entrevista está completa en inglés, si quieres leerla en español la tienes en el número 33 de nuestra revista mensual.

Hi! here you have the interview that we did to Yurisans, the full interview is in English, if you want to read in Spanish CLICK HERE.

  • Nick: Elffi 
  • Real name: Janne 
  • Nationality: Finnish 
  • Where do you live?: Jyväskylä, Finland 
  • Webs:
  • Height: 188cm
  • Favourite manga or comic : One Piece, Hunter X Hunter 
  • Favourite videogame: Secret of Mana 
  • Briefly introduction of yourself: I'm a 26 years old male cosplayer from Finland.
  • I'm mostly a visiting judge and a guest in different conventions/events all over the world. I live in Jyväskylä, Finland, and I study Business Management in the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences.

When had you started cosplaying and which was your first cosplay?

I started 2006 and my first cosplay was Kurosaki Ichigo from Bleach.

What does it means cosplay for you?

Cosplay is a lifestyle for me. Most of my friends and most of my free time I spend in cosplay related activities. It's a way of living. 

Which was your first cosplay experience and where?

I visited Animecon 2006 in Helsinki, Finland. I had no expectations but it was a positive surprise how nice and friendly everyone were. I made bunch of new friends immediately!

Do you think there is a negative side of being a cosplayer?

Some old fashioned people don't understand the hobby. And as a male it's even harsher to be a cosplayer. “Boys don't sew or use makeup, it's gay”. “It's a childish hobby”. Those are the most used phrases against us. But nowadays people are starting to understand the hobby better and they are beginning to see the good sides of it. Also, if you get more famous in the cosplay scene you have to be able to accept a lot of criticism and false accusations sometimes. 

Have you ever though you will be that famous when you started cosplaying?

Not really. I started doing this because it's fun. And I still do this only because it's fun. 

Does this fame affect you in your daily life, or just in conventions?

Daily life and conventions. Sometimes people recognize me in the streets also, haha. 

I saw lots of your cosplays, do you have any favourite?

I don't have any favorite. 

When you make a cosplay, which one is the most difficult part for you?

Sometimes doing a makeup to a manly face is difficult. Also some sewing parts take a lot of time to do.

Have you ever been to a cosplay event out of your country? In that case, how was that experience?

I have been in 14 countries in 3 continents. Over 20 conventions abroad.

It's always very exciting to meet fellow cosplayers all over the world and see how the conventions and scene differs in every country.

Which shops or web pages do you use for buying wigs, contact lenses and accessories? 

I use Ebay only.

When you plan a new cosplay, do you stablish a budget, or you just start buying what you need?
I just start buying everything. I don't have a budget.

Can I ask how much do you spend, more or less, in a cosplay? 
As Finland is a very very expensive country I have to spent fairly a lot. Usually my average budget is 350 euros for one cosplay. My most expensive was 1000 euros though.

There are two main kind of cosplayers who read our magazine, the ones who think of selling or lending their coplays and other ones who think that they are like their babies and they want to keep them forever, what would you do with your cosplays? 

As I have cosplayed a long time I don't fit in some of my costumes anymore. I have been selling a few of them and I think it's okay.

What does your family and friends think about this hobby?

They all like and support it. 

What do you do daily? Do you study or are you working?

I study in two universities and drive taxi. I also work as an undertaker occasionally.

I think most cosplayers would like to work just as cosplayer, it’s also your dream?

I don't consider that's possible. You always need something else to earn enough money. Even the most famous cosplayers in the world have side businesses and part-time jobs.

Do you think one of the most important things when you make a cosplay is having also a good photographer who also makes you feel confident while possing?

Of course. Good photographer is extremely important. 

What do you think about editing photos? is it sometimes excessive what people do with photoshop, or do you think it is necessary for having good photos?

Changing the lights and adding little effects is totally okay. I don't like asian style photoshopping where you blur the face and shape your body, that's same as lying to yourself. I want to look the same in photos as I look in real life.

In Spain, a lot of people think that coplaying is for kids and for immature people, is it the same in your country? What do you think about that? How is the cosplayer community in your country? 

In Finland things are okay. Cosplay is known among the people and people consider it as a good hobby for everyone. Our cosplay community is fairly small but people are supportive. 

Do you have a new cosplay in mind to do next? Any challenge you would really like to do or any dreamed cosplay? 

I have some plans but they are still a secret. I don't have any dream cosplays.

Do you have any cosplayer you really admire, someone you could recommend us for a future interview?

I have never had any idols in my life. There are so many good cosplayers in the world. If you want more manliness in your magazine I would recommend Johnny N' Junkers from California. 

And the last question, what advice will you give to a person that wants to start cosplaying?

Start with something simple and don't try to reach the stars in the beginning! And most important, HAVE FUN AND MAKE FRIENDS! <3

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